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  • As we hope you have seen from our recent e-mails (May 2018) we have upgraded our US$ based Calling Account Service. This means that some of our existing Customers were temporarily inconvenienced.
  • All customers have been sent updates and any necessary additional information to their registered email address via the appropriate Customer e-mail list - see our Privacy Policy.
  • If you have not received this information and you are experiencing any problems with your US$ based Calling Account please contact us by e-mail to

If you are experiencing any sort of destination fault, your first action should be to test the number over any other PSTN - in the UK BT for example -to check that there is not a general fault, and to make sure you have the right number/s.

Problems that affect your service are always disappointing. The Services advertised and the networks supporting these services may from time to time require upgrading, modification maintenance and other works (including but not limited to works required for security reasons) or may be affected by unforeseen events that may result in the partial or complete non-availability of the services. We will use all reasonable efforts to provide back-up or alternative services and to keep all such periods of non-availability to a minimum but some interruption may be inevitable.

justphone cannot guarantee 100% connectivity

Please also refer to our customer charter

To report a fault follow one of the following options:

  • On line - complete the following fault report form
  • Customer Service Centre 0844 804 2802 (Option 4) is now 24/7.
  • email:
  • SMS +447860003060

Destination Country / City
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