About justphone

Phonecard Services Ltd - a UK registered company trading as justphone - is an independent telecoms provider, established in 2000. The management and staff have been involved with the telecommunications industry since 1993


  • As you may have seen from our recent e-mails we have upgraded our US$ - based Calling Account service.
  • Customers who may have been affected were e-mailed to their registered email address.
  • If you have not received these e-mails, or you are no longer on our Customer e-mail list, please contact us at admin@justphone.co.uk
  • Or complete our justphone Contact Form

Our mission is:

"To bring to consumers and businesses, international quality calling and straightforward products, at reasonable prices."

Initially the company was formed to meet the growing demands of the UK phonecard (calling card) market. In 1998 the founders of the company had experienced the growing importance of the Internet, and so we produced our own web-site: we pioneered the Calling Account product - or cyber phonecard - see Wikipedia

Now the product range is extensive, and we specialise in 21st Century telecom services, which are available for use by customers all over the world. We are an internet business with international partners and customers.

Apart from low call costs and innovative products, justphone has also concentrated on giving outstanding customer service - "LOW RATES BEST SERVICE"

If your telecoms needs do not appear to be catered for on this site, then please let us know - we will find the solution.