Terms and Conditions - Prepaid Products

The following sets out the terms and conditions by which Phonecard Services Ltd - trading as justphone (“JP”) - will provide telecommunications services (“Services”) to you. By using the Services of JP you agree to the following:

Amendments to Terms & Conditions

JP may vary these terms and conditions at any time by posting such changes on its website (www.justphone.co.uk) or such other international websites associated with other JP products available. You agree that if you decide to use the Services, after any amendments have been posted on our web sites you are bound by the terms and conditions as amended.

Rates and Charges

Unless otherwise stated, GBP£ US$ and Euro based rates listed under 0.10 GB£ or 0.10 US$ or 0.10 Euro will be rounded to the nearest decimal place and rates listed over this level will be rounded up. (Example: True rate = 1.949p per minute, quoted rate rounded to 1.9p per minute.) JP may vary international rates and/or charges or impose taxes or duties in relation to the Services at any time. Such changes will be viewable in your Calling Account WAM and you agree to be bound by these changes. You may request details of your call rates at any time. All prices are inclusive of VAT or such international sales tax as may be due unless otherwise stated.


Services provided by JP are normally on a pre-payment basis. Failure to keep your account in credit, or to use it for a period of six months or more, will lead to it's de-activatiom.

Expiry and Termination

Calling Accounts and chatPINs will automatically expire six (6) months after last usage. If Calling Accounts are terminated at your request before expiry, a refund will be granted after the deduction of an administration fee amounting to 10% of the credit balance or £5.00 (five pounnds sterling) at prevailing exchange rates whichever is the greater. No refunds are granted in respect of the chatPIN product.


a) You are liable for all charges associated with your using of the Service, even in the event that your personal account details have been lost or stolen, or your password misappropriated or you have granted a third party permission to use your account.

b) You undertake to hold JP harmless from all liabilities, including damages and claims, arising out of your use of the Services.


You agree that JP is in no way whatsoever responsible for providing or maintaining equipment that you require to access your Service(s).

Provision of Service

In order to provide Services to you, JP may select or at any time change long distance carriers or service providers without recourse to you. You agree to be bound by any such changes.

You understand and accept that from time to time the Services may be temporarily suspended for reasons including but not limited to a major Service upgrade, maintenance or faultfinding, and that JP will not be held liable for compensation for such suspension of Services. JP undertakes to keep such incidents to the minimum and will use the Calling Account User Customer Mailing lists to inform customers of any disruption, changes or extra features available to their JP service.

You also understand and accept that - as with all international Telecom Service Providers of any size - JP cannot guarantee 100% uptime or perfect connectivity or 100% reliability.


You agree and understand that the Services are provided without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, unless such warranties are legally binding.


Should you have any complaint or query about the Services please r e-mail to: admin@justphone.co.uk or complete our contact form or write to us at: justphone t/a Phonecard Services Ltd., International House 124 Cromwell Road South Kensington London SW7 4EF


In the event that JP suspects that your account may have been used in any way whatsoever in connection with credit card or debit card fraud, then you agree that all personal information used in connection wih the initial application and any subsequent transactions may at the sole discretion of JP be released to the appropriate authorities. Furhter information is available in our Privacy Policy

Credit Details

In the unlikely event that it is required, you agree and authorise JP to release your credit or personal data details, where relevant, to a credit-reporting agency to assess your initial application or ensuing account top-ups for credit worthiness. In the event that a debit arises on your Calling Account you authorise JP to use any valid credit card, switch card or debit card or Bank or Paypal Account that may been used previously in association with your Calling Account or other JP Service to recover the amount of the debt.

The Law

This Agreement is governed by the laws of England.